Social Media Influencers (SMIs) in Context: A Literature Review
Charles Alves de Castro, Dr Isobel O’Reilly, Dr Aiden Carthy

This review focused on three main areas, ―Social Media Influencers (SMIs) in Context, The Impact of SMIs on Adolescents, and Consumer Behaviour in a Digital Era – Generation Z in Perspective.‖ This article aims to further the overall understanding of SMIs and outlines the impact of SMIs on adolescents‘ lives. Thus, the main objective of this literature review is to raise awareness within the marketing field about the influence of social media influencers on adolescents and how brands promote their products and content through social media influencers. The review comprised a regular search using electronic journal databases and secondary data from reports, surveys, and empirical research. The main findings from this review are insights about who social media influencers are, how to recognise them, how they impact adolescents‘ lives, how brands and SMIs are partnering.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v9n2a9