Innovative Healthcare Marketing Strategies during COVID-19
Nishant Renu

The COVID-19Pandemic has resulted in many adversities. The disease has affected almost all known sectors, from the health to the business sector. One of the significant effects of the disease is that it has negatively influenced the healthcare market, creating the need to develop new and innovative marketing strategies. With the advancement of the disease, people have sought various preventive medical care and measures to protect themselves from the disease, which has led many of them to explore their medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare options. For healthcare industries, this Pandemic has created the need to develop new and innovative marketing strategies to fulfill the unmet needs of the patients during this crazy time. These changes were mainly attributed to the lockdown initiated by the government, which has led to limited mobility of people to visit healthcare centers and businesses such as pharmacies. This paper will outline the innovative marketing approaches that have been taken by healthcare companies and measures that have been put in place to keep their businesses afloat while providing necessary medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare supplies. Additionally, the study was prone to various limitations while researching and establishing the marketing innovations used by healthcare businesses. One of the significant limitations is that most marketing innovations discussed and data provided in this paper involved using the internet and social media platforms for marketing healthcare products.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v9n2a7