Significance of Regenerative Biologics Marketing in the Evolving Healthcare Landscape
Nishant Renu

Technological advancement and research in the medical field have linked to introducing more effective and efficient medical interventions. The recent advances in biotechnology have led to the introduction of regenerative medications that can trigger the innate ability of the body to cure or repair itself. Such medical interventions come in handy, especially at this time characterized by increased incidence, death, and morbidity due to the high prevalence of chronic illnesses unable to be cured by the body's natural abilities. The increase in old-aged Americans has exacerbated this. Regenerative biologics have made possible things that were considered unachievable in the past. Despite these advancements, its implementation and impact are confined due to the lack of knowledge and awareness. This integrative literature review was conducted to evaluate the significance of regenerative biologics marketing in the evolving healthcare landscape. The literature search was conducted from PubMed and other health-related databases. A comparison followed by the derivation of themes and relationships was performed to convert the extracted data into systematic patterns and categories. Finally, the information from other data sources was arranged, coded, categorized, and a holistic conclusion consistent with the research problem. The finding of this review paper highlights the importance of creating awareness and marketing of the available regenerative biologics medications. Marketing would create patient awareness and make the medical interventions from regenerative medicine easy and accessible. This change will eventually reduce increased morbidity, hospitalizations, and deaths caused by diseases with no cure earlier.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v9n2a6