Comprehensive Report on Organizational Communication and Leadership
Swinton W. Hudson, Jr.

Applied leadership concepts and theories has a direct impact on the type of communication used within an organization with the realization that humans are unique and different. As such approach and success are based upon individual personality, expectations, experience, culture, gender, and emotional intelligence. Thus, the question is posed as whether the leadership style has an impact upon the type and style of communication or is it the differentiation and uniqueness of individual employees. The power bases are also impactful upon both the type of leadership style used and the communication process. Understanding leadership styles, power bases, diversity of individuals, as well as the different styles of communication, better prepares leaders in effectively communicating. Managers, leaders, practitioners and students of management, leadership, human resource management and organization psychology must constantly review and study patterns and concepts of the different disciplines and understanding individuals they encounter to effectively communicate to ensure the managing and leading of people if effective and efficient. Employing suitable and available options and providing a foundation of effectiveness based on appropriate theories and best practices may improve organizational communication and leadership.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v9n2a10