Calendar-Led Marketing Issues and Perspectives: A Depth Interview Approach
Charles L. Martin, Jonathan S. Tuttle

The influence of calendars in the marketplace and the marketing relevance of calendar timing are discussed in this depth interview with Charles L. Martin – the PIR Professor of Marketing at Wichita State University who has asserted that calendars may be the most widely used marketing planning tools in the world and that “period” or “periodicity” should be regarded as an essential element of the marketing mix. Accordingly, Martin expands upon and clarifies some of the content found in his most recent publications and videos pertaining to “calendar-led marketing” (CLM) and “calendar-led buyer behavior” (CLBB). Among other issues and perspectives, he answers numerous questions regarding the relevance of CLM and CLBB, guidelines regarding the implementation of CLM, circumstances justifying heightened levels of CLM practices, disadvantages and caveats regarding CLM, and the tyranny of the calendar.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v9n2a1