The Use of Social Networks by Informal Entrepreneurial Women: An Exploratory Study in Uberlândia-MG, Brazil
Karine de Jesus Rodrigues Santana, Victor Silva, Márcio Lopes Pimenta

The social networks have been increasingly used by people and organizations, due to the advantages provided, above all, in communication and relationships. In addition, in Brazil, there is a scenario of relevance for female and informal entrepreneurship. Thus, the present study aimed to identify the reasons for the use of social networks by informal entrepreneurial women in the market of candy makers in the city of Uberlândia-MG. Through a qualitative, exploratory and field research, it was found seven reasons why the interviewed informal entrepreneurs use Facebook and WhatsApp. Instagram, in turn, is not used by these women, who do not see advantages in its use. The results suggest research that deepens the influence of informality on this issue.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v9n1a2