Investigating the Effects of Cyberspace on Improving and Development of Internet Businesses
Ehsan Chamankhah

Internet businesses have made a significant contribution to the Employment in the field of modern communication technologies. Facilitating conditions, improving culture, improving infrastructure, supporting entrepreneurs in this space, and removing barriers can draw a clear perspective for the country's economic prosperity. The world today is known for its extensive communication between peoples. A significant part of our lives defined by these social relationships, and the higher the quality of these relationships, the higher the standard of living and, consequently the business level. Today, however, it is impossible to imagine communication between peoples without new means of communication and digital technologies. Entrepreneurs' social networking or cyberspace includes the private network, the job network, the experience network, the professional network, and the marketplace network; The highest factor loading is related to the experience network, and the lowest factor loading is to the private network. In this study, we attempt to present the positive benefits of cyberspace in various aspects of business development that would certainly be useful for changing the perspective about business and executives in the area of prevention of cybercrime and injuries with a positive approach.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v8n1a3