Computational Vision and Business Intelligence in the Beauty Segment - An Analysis through Instagram
Norberto Almeida Andrade, Giuliano Carlo Rainatto, Denis Gustavo E. Paschoal, Fernando Rodrigues da Silva, Genésio Renovato

Computational vision, as research field is the science that uses a machine to collect and analyze images and videos to extract information from processed visual data. However, opportunities to apply computational vision to implement new measurement methods and techniques have been little explored in social media. The volume of images that a search with a large sample can generate can be costly due to codification efforts. Processing and analyzing large visual data sets using human intelligence represents a significant increase in costs and efforts. Computational vision APIs come as a plausible solution to reduce costs, increase business intelligence and innovation technology, especially in the beauty and the like segment.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v7n2a2