How Technological Innovations Influence Calendar Timing in the Marketplace
Charles L. Martin

Historically and continuing today, technological innovations have dramatically influenced the calendar timing of marketplace behaviors including buying, selling and consumption activities, among others, by: (1) countering nature‟s calendar timing constraints, (2) relaxing the simultaneity constraint that historically compelled buyers and sellers to meet physically at the same time and place to trade, and (3) demystifying the calendar timing of consumption behavior. Understanding these influences promises to provide guidance for the use of technology to broaden or alter the timing and synchronization of marketplace behaviors – thereby potentially increasing access to the marketplace and enhancing product value for buyers, while improving the timing flexibility, effectiveness and efficiency of organizations‟ marketing efforts. Further, the marketplace influence on calendar timing of past and present advances in technology provides insights into possible timing-related criteria or objectives to guide the search and development of future technological innovations.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v7n2a1