Marketing Compound for Cooperatives - CMC: The 6P's of Cooperativism
Rumeninng Abrantes dos Santos, Adriano Dias de Carvalho, Nadia Kassouf Pizzinatto, Antônio Carlos Giuliani, Flávio Augustus da Mota Pacheco

The main objective of this paper is to identify the necessary adjustments to the theoretical framework of the marketing mix to cover the requirements of cooperative principles, and thus forming a theoretical framework of marketing mix specifically designed for the cooperative sector. This paper is highly theoretical the methodology is of interpretative character and it used the method of content analysis. One hundred and thirty monographs were identified (10 PhD and MBA monographs / and Mast and 120 articles in journals and conferences). Regarding the research, the interest of this project is to build theoretical categories that include the terms Marketing Compound and Cooperatives, based on the 130 papers identified in the inventory stage. The inventory papers were later categorized to understand how the authors use and apply the concepts together. This study used the Closed Grid methodology, by which some categories were defined a priori. The proposal is to elaborate the category system during the content analysis. Some grouping could also rise throughout the study, which would strengthen the definitions of categories. The theoretical foundations that support the conceptualization of the Marketing Compound applied to the cooperative system and that preserve the cooperative principles in its essence were built based on the categories identified.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v7n1a2