The Impact of Refugee Related Marketing Strategy on Consumers’ Attitudes and Intentions: A Cross-Cultural Examination
Samer Elhajjar, Ph.D; Jaber Shouib Alesmail, Ph.D.

Our world is experiencing the biggest refugee crisis in its history since the second world war (Esses et al., 2017). In France and Lebanon, Refugee-Related Marketing is being used more frequently in the last few years. Many businesses are using the refugee crisis as an opportunity to tackle social issues and to promote their brand in a humanitarian manner. This study examines consumer attitudes and intentions toward Refugee-Related Marketing in two countries: France and Lebanon. The survey method was utilized. Data were collected from a convenience sample of Lebanon (n= 210) and France (n = 210). The results show that attitudes toward Refugee-Related Marketing do not differ across countries. Attitudes and intentions toward Refugee-Related Marketing appear to be positive. The findings provide relevant strategic implications.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v7n1a13