I-Digital: A look from Semiotics of Culture
Eliane Davila dos Santos, Dr. Ernani Cesar de Freitas, Denise Castilhos de Araújo

It is not today that brands are important. In the Middle Ages, European traders used brands as a means of guaranteeing the buyer the quality of the item purchased. Today, however, the brand issue has become more relevant. Brand is a determining factor for the customer's perception of a product or institution. It conveys business values and provides an identity to the business. The theme of the present study arises from the need of a better understanding of how organizations build their identities, from the point of view of Semiotics of Culture and it is limited to the analysis of images of two organizational advertisements of Itaú Unibanco Bank. The purpose is to analyze the I-Digital communication, symbol of Itaú Unibanco Bank to understand how the organization builds their identity based on semiosphere informations. As main theorical source, there are used postulates proposed by Lótman‟s (1979), Bakthin‟s (2000, 2002), Baitello‟s (2003), and Machado‟s (2003) culture semiotics. As for the methodology, it is an applied research, with a qualitative approach and exploratory focus, that takes place through a case study. The dialogue with publicity communication denotes how Itaú Unibanco Bank uses the communicational gestures I-Digital for building the organizational identity of a virtual bank, from the Semiotics of Culture point of view.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v7n1a12