What’s a Qatar? FIFA World Cup 2022
Professor Marshall Ottenfeld, Erica K. Poremba, MBA, Ed.D (ABD); Dr. Ralph Haug

The objective of the reported study was to be an initial effort in educating the Qatar sports authorities as to soccer fans who would travel to the Emirate expectations relative to the host country. Specifically, within the frame of reference of group members‟ involvement with soccer and their knowledge about the sport on the professional level: Ascertain perceptions of professional soccer, World Cup soccer particularly its most recent history and near term future the competition, sites of competition, as well as the ambiance of the host nations and cities. Obtain knowledge about and attitudes toward World Cup 2022 Qatar, and the factors that will make the event a success or could be undermining aspects … geographic and cultural considerations, the quality of competition, matters of personal comfort and the ambiance and infrastructure of the host nation. Presented is an assessment and exploration of the subjective world of individual soccer fans as s/he describes it, directly or indirectly. Develop a series of hypotheses relative to those expectations … hypotheses that can be studied quantitatively, thereby projected to the population of United States football fans who would travel to the event.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v7n1a1