Meanings Associated with Car Consumption by Middle-Aged Women in the Emerging Middle Class
Tonny Kerley de Alencar Rodrigues, Nicholas Longo e Silva

The low income population has been increasing its participation in the consumer market, where they are no longer limited to just simple and essential products. Low-income consumption grew after the credit facility and the possibilities of payment, giving access to products and services that were once considered as rich. Within this scenario, women ceased to be only co-workers and began to assume important roles in the labor market, and especially in the consumer market. By reaching age 45-60, women reach maturity, so their body and mind are undergoing a great natural change. The present research seeks to understand the meanings associated with the purchase of cars by women, at the age of maturity. In addition, the survey comprises the motives, the groups of individuals and the distinctions that occur at the time of choosing and buying a car. Using as methods, the field search procedure; data collection through in-depth interviews using a semi-structured interview script. Where your main results were: identify the factors that motivate the purchase of the car, groups that influence the purchase of the car, the most wanted accessories and the real meaning of the car for women.

Full Text: PDF DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v6n1a9