The Utilization of Manual & Automated PPC Bidding Strategies in the B2C Ecommerce Sector
Braden Vernon, MBA

Marketing is core function that constitutes a significant portion of all business plans. An effective marketing strategy is directly related to the financial success of all organizations and their ability to position their brand in the market and obtain a competitive advantage. With the development of the internet, email, search engines, and social media, organizations have had to significantly adjust their marketing strategies to reach users across these digital channels. This research has focused on, Pay Per Click (PPC) adverising, a common and effective digital marketing strategy, with the purpose of determining whether manual or automated PPC bidding strategies are most suited for companies within the B2C E-commerce sector. This author of this paper has engaged in exploratory research to obtain both quantitative and qualitative data on this subject through employing a survey methodology. The data collection process involved surveying a number of Google Adwords certified professionals on their experience with using manual bidding strategies and Google’s automated bidding strategies in accounts within the B2C Ecommerce sector. The primary finding of this report is that there is a clear coloration between the experience of an Adwords account manager and the recommendation of whether to employee manual, automated or a combination of both strategies by certified Adwords professionals. It was determined that experienced account managers should rely more heavily on manual strategies and optimization tactics and less experienced account managers on automated bidding strategies.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v6n1a6