Marketing Content that Resonates: An Exploratory Investigation of College Students’ “Favorite” Marketing Content
Charles L. Martin, Marilyn H. Martin

This article summarizes the initial exploratory phase of an investigation to identify the characteristics of marketing content that resonate with marketing students. Ninety-seven graduate and undergraduate students were asked to vote for their five “favorite” stories among 732 stories included in the 2017 edition of Marketing For All the Marbles Every day (i.e., Marketing FAME). Respondents identified a wide range of “favorites,” with 239 stories receiving one or more votes and only one story receiving as many as nine votes. Respondents‟ comments explaining their rationale for their “favorites” suggested multiple criteria were used in the selection process -- including personal, individual-specific criteria. Stories judged to be informative, important, and personally relevant were often categorized as “favorites,” as were stories about people, events, brands and organizations with which respondents were familiar. Given the exploratory and non-conclusive nature of the investigation, several of respondents‟ “favorite” stories are included in the Appendix to enable readers to scrutinize the content for themselves and reach their own conclusions.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v6n12