How Does the Quality of Concessions at an NFL Game Affect Fan Satisfaction and Behavior? Analysis of Fan Perceptions
Ricard W. Jensen, Richard E. Haskell Sr., Brian V. Larson

This study investigates spectator perceptions of concessions (e.g., food and drinks) service quality by surveying fans at National Football League games during the 2013 season. The survey explored such research questions as the extent to which constructs associated with service quality positively affect the concession experience and the extent to which concessions experiences may be positively related to key marketing outcomes (e.g., do spectators feel concessions made the sports event more memorable, make them more likely to would spread word-of-mouth, feel appreciated, etc.).. The study also examined if different traits of fans perceived the concessions experience differently (e.g., fans of various ages and genders, the avidity of fans, and spectators who sat in different sections of the stadium, etc.). Respondents included 507 fans who attended NFL games in 2013; respondents averaged 37.1 years of age. Results suggest that the game day experience with service quality does effect the concession experience. Fan intention to return to the concession venue, their overall game day experience, level of fan avidity, and favoritism towards the host organization is positively affected by their experience at the concession stand. The study also suggests that the fan concession experience does move the needle in terms of fan purchase intent, fans’ feelings of appreciated by the team and team management, having a memorable game day experience, and intention to spread their experience via word-of-mouth. The study also suggests that the level of the stadium in which fans were seated may not have a strong relationship with perceptions of service quality

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v6n1a1