The Influence of Fan Pages on Consumer Purchase Intention: Liking Behavior as a Moderator
Chi-Hui Chiang, Kuo-Chang Tseng

Social networking sites host more than one billion members. These sites feature countless fan pages, containing product information for social media marketing. For this type of business model, a burgeoning social networking environment has arisen. In Taiwan, consumers frequently use social networking sites, which are learned about through electronic word-of-mouth references, as portal sites to transfer to product pages. Thus, consumers can easily obtain numerous types of brand information that promotes purchase intention. Based on the perspective of consumer behavior, a research model was developed to examine what factors affect consumers’ perceived values and purchase intentions on fan pages. Moreover, the relationships between perceived value and purchase intention were determined to be moderated by liking behavior. Empirical analyses were performed using structural equation modeling. The results indicated that brand awareness of products and recommendations through electronic word-of-mouth significantly affect perceived value. Perceived value also significantly affects purchase intention. Additionally, liking behavior moderates the relationship between perceived value and purchase intention, despite brand image having no effect on perceived value. These results could provide a reference for future research on fan page influence and suggest a practical reference for company business strategies.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v5n2a5