The Impact of Marketing by Relationships to Achieve Competitive Advantage A Case Study "Cellular Telecommunication Companies in Jordan"
Motteh Saleh Al- Shibly, Khaldon hamdan Alkhawaldeh

This study aims to try to evaluate the use of cellular telecommunications companies in Jordan, the dimensions of marketing relationship in achieving competitive advantage, since the basic idea of this study stems from the fact that the attention of service companies has become a center position considerably on how to meet and achieve the desires and needs of its customers, where the company focuses on How to win the satisfaction of customers on the one hand and to attract and win their loyalty on the other, and that is not only through the adoption of the company a way to help manage its relationship with its customers in a distinctive way, by relying on the concept of marketing relationship and activate the dimensions to achieve the competitive advantage that seeks to The company.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v5n2a4