The Congruence Effect between Celebrity and the Endorsed Product in Advertising
Aїcha Meksi Gaied, Kaouther Saied Ben Rached

This research aims to study the congruence between a celebrity and a cosmetic product and its impact on the endorser credibility, the receptor’s attitudes (attitude towards advertising and attitude towards the product) as well as his purchasing intentions. This concept of celebrity congruence was tested with three types of product (a cosmetic product "perfume", a technological product "computer" and ordinary product "cookie"). An experiment was carried out with 340 individuals selected by quota. The empirical results have shown that more the celebrity is congruent with the endorsed product, he is perceived as more credible and generates more favorable attitudes and buying intentions among the receptors. Choosing the right celebrity with the right product type is a marketing decision indispensable to the success of the advertising campaign.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v5n1a4