How to Create Brand Love in Private Label: The Role of Satisfaction as Intervening Variable
Aditya Pandowo

Private brand is a store own brand that sold products only by its store. A store usually sold its brand with lower price than national brand. However, it is still challenging for store brand to compete with national brand in recent days. Most of buyers are likely to choose national brand considering their lack of risk, experience, and time usage. The store marketers need to change the buyer’s paradigm from trial to be loyal, from substitute to love the brand. Previous study proved that brand love plays a crucial role to build brand loyalty. This study aims are to provide the antecedents of brand love and to deliver the strategies in changing to love the store brand. This research also contributes fresh understanding consider investigation about brand love in private label is new also. The samples are taken by purposive sample with cross-sectional survey. The respondents are private label buyers who bought more than one product category of store brand and more than single purchase. Data are gathered from 160 respondents who qualified from 180 distributed questioners. The result showed that brand identification, brand experience, and satisfaction have significant relation to brand love. Surprisingly, satisfaction plays as intervening variable from brand identification to brand love

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v4n2a7