Employability Attributes required for Entry-Level Marketing Jobs in Selected Sectors in South Africa
Thérèse Roux, Johan de Jager

The diversification of the marketing industry offers graduates a whole range of new job opportunities in a variety of sectors. This study is one of the first to examine the employability attributes required from graduates across four large sectors in the marketing industry of South Africa. The data for this research were collected via an online survey with 390 respondents in marketing positions across South Africa. There were notable differences in the skills dimensions required for entry-level marketing jobs between the selected sectors. Integrity or ethics appear to be much more important than that which was documented in earlier research; while leadership was regarded as the least important skill. The findings have several implications for the development and redesign of curricula, in order to produce employable marketing undergraduates, and to assist universities in retaining the competitive edge in the Higher Education market.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v4n1a9