Public Relations as Part of Integrated Communication of an Enterprise-Consumer Oriented On
Fatos Ukaj

The performance of marketing activities requires more than using classic marketing strategies and practices in developing businesses or institutions. This is because new methods and new tools have been introduced in order to increase the awareness of the consumer and gain their loyalty. This is with the aim of attaining a position in the market or in the perception of the public for its products and the overall enterprise. One of the tools to be used is Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) with emphasis on the role of the Public relations (PR). This paper is used to conceptually study and evaluate the public relation and their use in comunication activities of enterprise or institution. A research has been done through collection of data using interview questionnaire. Also, a second data analyses were carried out. The data obtained from the survey brought us to a conclusion that PR has an identity and a specific way of communicating with the public. This is particularly with the loyal customers of the enterprise. To a large extent, PR is used as a communication element within the promotional mix. A limitation of this research is the lack of sufficient data related to PR in Kosovo enterprises and institutions. Nevertheless, it will help in the future to value the importance of PR in doing business and offering services to consumers and users. This is with the aim of creating a good image for the products and services they offer, as well as building an image for enterprises and instituions.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v4n1a7