The Role of Customer Relationships Management in Achieving Competitive Advantage (A prospective study on a sample of employees at banks in Irbid city)
Dr. Ali Falah Al-zoubi

The aim of this study is to explains the role of customer relationship management (CRM) and how it affects the in the competition advantage at numbers of financial banks in the city of Irbid. The importance of this study comes in its theoretical and practical framework that present the role of (CRM) in the competition advantage. Also, point to some of the 21 century challenges. We may face inaccurate, complex, and unstable challenges; these will present dangerous affects that can be handled by depending on role of customer relationship management (CRM) to achieve high competitive advantages. A few numbers of studies has been done in banking services, especially in Arabic. Therefore, the role of (CRM) in getting high competitive advantages in banking services need more attention and work . This study has been conducted using a questioner, which has been distributed on the study sample that contains (34) mangers and Head of department in different banks in Irbid, The questionnaire was distributed randomly, where (50) questionnaire were distributed, (34) of them found valid for statistical analysis. The study shows that qualified employees has appositive impact on getting competitive advantage. They improve relationships with current customers and attract new customers. Also, it shows strong relationships between CRM and competitive advantage. The researchers also recommended with the necessity of the researched banks adoption of the virtual model of the study as a work mechanism to develop the relation with the customers in order to achieve the competitive advantage, the concern of the current customers through delivering the service according to their needs and wants, as cost of acquiring new customer represents five folds of the cost of maintaining the current customers.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v4n1a13