Vol. 2 No. 1; March 2014

Chinese Apparel Branding: A Case of Melody
Ostapenko, Nikolai
Still Sparkling: The Phenomenon of Bottled Water—An Irish Context
Hayley Collins, Dr. Angela Wright
Slovak Consumers’ Attitudes toward Foreign versus Domestic Brands
Lucia Vilčeková
ICT And New Trends In Consumer Behavior - New Experiential Knowledge, Opportunities or Challenges for Intermediaries
Iris Mihajlović
Determinants of Students’ Interest in Sales Job as Potential Profession: An Empirical Investigation in Malaysia
Muhammad Khalilur Rahman, Dr. Md. Abdul Jalil, Md. Arphan Ali, Abdullah-Al-Mamun, S.D. Robel, Md. Moklesur Rahman
Human Capital and Best Practice Management Adoption of among Small Scale Maize Farmer in Bantaeng District, Indonesia
Sri Sasmita Dahlan, Palmarudi Mappigau, Siiti Khaerani
Influence of Cultural, Social and Marketing Factors on the Buying Behavior of Telecom Users: A Comparative Study of Rural, Semi-Urban and Urban Areas in and Around Chandigarh
Inderjeet Sethi, AS Chawla