Critical Analysis of Huawei and Apple in the view of Expert Opinion, Financial Performance and Customers’ perspective
Malik, Muhammad Atif Rasheed, Malik, Muhammad Asif Rasheed

Huawei and Apple are in the top tier of the smartphone industry around the globe top competitors for each other. Huawei, being a privately owned company, is a leading global provider of information and communication technologies i.e., smartphones and 5G equipment by having a 14.4% smartphone market share worldwide. On the other hand, Apple, being a public company, currently holds 11.1% of the smartphone industry market share. In this study, Huawei and Apple are compared in three ways, Expert Opinion, Financial position, and Market survey. Rankings of three reputed consultancy firms, i.e., Interbrand, BrandZ, and Brand Finance were included in this study. These three consultancy firms ranked Apple higher than Huawei in the 2020 rankings. In financial terms, Apple is going to be a $3 trillion company soon and Huawei is still chasing a $1 trillion milestone. Comparing Huawei and Apple especially iPhone in the survey conducted in 11 countries, respondents found the iPhone appealing, a high-quality product, and pleasant, but rated it as overpriced. Regarding Huawei, the respondents rated it higher than the iPhone only in terms of value for money. Regarding purchase decisions and overall satisfaction level, the iPhone again surpassed Huawei.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jmm.v10n1a5